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Case Update

Materials in our DUP/CRC JR against the Electoral Commission

20th December 2018

This is our letter that started the judicial review process against the Electoral Commission.

Here is the Electoral Commission’s response (the Response).

Here is our letter to the Electoral Commission informing it we intend to publish the Response.

And here is the Electoral Commission’s reply to that letter.

Here are Grounds of the judicial review as lodged with the High Court.

Here is the Electoral Commission’s secret report.


This article is part of our Electoral Commission Challenge case

We believed the Electoral Commission had failed both to investigate Vote Leave’s overspending and properly to apply the law. The Electoral Commission denied both allegations but a day before they knew we were going to start our claim against them, they agreed to reopen the investigation into Vote Leave. They subsequently agreed with us that Vote Leave had overspent – a decision Vote Leave accepted.

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