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Case update 01 October 2021

“He was almost hospitalised”

Amanda* is clinically extremely vulnerable. Her 12 year-old son has severe asthma. She wanted to keep him off school until he had received his COVID-19 vaccination. But when his school refused to compromise, she had no choice but to send him back. Within days her son had contracted COVID-19. He became seriously unwell and narrowly avoided hospitalisation. She’s now infected herself.

This could have been avoided if the Government had come up with a proper plan for families like Amanda’s. But instead of letting vulnerable children learn at home, they’re forcing parents to send their kids into school. If scared parents refuse, they face fines or even prosecution.

It’s not good enough. Along with three affected families, we are bringing legal action to force Government to come up with a proper plan for families who are at risk of getting seriously sick from COVID-19.

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We need to raise £20,000 for this legal challenge and we only have four days to do it. Will you donate to the legal action and help keep families safe? You can make a donation here.

*The claimant’s name has been anonymised.

The pre-action protocol letter can be found here.