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Case update 09 May 2024

We have a date in court to demand greener, better homes

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Michael Gove’s guidance to local authorities is a policy disaster. We’re heading to the High Court in June with Rights Community Action to unlock the next generation of green homes.

Our legal campaign against Michael Gove’s new rules blocking energy-efficient homes will reach the High Court on 18 June. 

The Committee on Climate Change, the panel that advises the government on emissions goals, says that “for the UK to meet its legally binding net zero target” all new buildings must be “zero carbon” by next year. But Gove’s policy on local planning rules muddies the waters around energy efficiency, making it very difficult for local planning authorities to tackle rising energy costs and set targets in line with net zero.

Good Law Project is supporting Rights Community Action’s legal challenge, to make it easier for local communities to demand higher standards from developers.

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During the campaign so far, more than 4,000 people have already taken action, writing to Gove’s office about the new rules. TV presenter Kevin McCloud is also backing the legal challenge and has hit out at government policy that “isn’t up to scratch.”

“Sustainability isn’t a luxury,” McCloud said, “it’s a necessity.”

It’s now full speed ahead to the hearing at the High Court in June. We’ll be helping to make the argument that the guidance undermines the power of local communities to build housing that tackles fuel poverty and the climate crisis.

We mustn’t miss this opportunity to build homes fit for the future. 

  • Good Law Project is powered by people across the UK. Anything you can give to support this challenge and all our work will help us make positive change.