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The Good Law Project uses the law to deliver a progressive society.

We bring strategic legal cases to change how the law works and to drive demand for further law change. We use the debate generated by cases to engage and educate.

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The ECJ rules that the UK can unilaterally revoke A50

Let your MP know that the Court of Justice has ruled that Brexit can be cancelled. Make sure they know it’s not too late to Remain.

Case update

We are pleased to publish our written arguments on why our Parliament should be free to cancel the Article 50 notice if it decides that is in the national interest.

You can read them here.

In the news

ITV report: “ITV News has learned Uber faces another legal challenge, this time for alleged tax avoidance. Jo Maugham QC, founder of The Good Law Project, plans to sue the company for non-payment of VAT.

Maugham argues Uber should be charging VAT on the taxi services it offers. Maugham calculates the company’s tax liability for London alone in 2015 at just under £20 million. He is pursuing the money on behalf of the taxpayer.”

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