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Money for their mates

High Court rules Michael Gove broke the law by giving a contract to a communications agency run by long time associates of him and Dominic Cummings.

The Court found that the decision to award the £560,000 contract to Public First was tainted by “apparent bias” and was unlawful.

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Should the law require Government to appoint based on merit?

It’s been a while since you heard from us in our ‘Jobs for the Boys’ case so we wanted to give you an update. As you’ll remember, the case focused on the appointments of Dido...

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Government publishes 40 PPE contracts totalling £4.2bn – a year late

In February, Boris Johnson falsely claimed that details of all PPE contracts awarded by the Government had been published and “were on the record“. A few weeks later Cabinet Office Minister Edward Argar doubled down on...

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Ruling threatens young people’s right to make decisions about their own health care

We have filed our intervention to the Court of Appeal arguing that transgender teenagers should be able to consent to treatment the same way teenagers with other medical conditions can.  The intervention is backed by a...

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EXCLUSIVE: Six more VIP-lane companies revealed

Good Law Project is now able to reveal the names of six more companies awarded PPE contracts through the controversial’ VIP’ fast-track lane for associates of ministers and advisers. These six firms landed nearly half...

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We’re growing our Legal Team

Good Law Project always wants to speak to practising solicitors, qualified anywhere in the United Kingdom, who might like to work for us.  We particularly want to hear from anyone who (1) is an experienced public...

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Handing out peerages

Peter – or Baron, as for now we must call him – Cruddas was once a Treasurer of the Conservative Party. In March 2012 the Sunday Times published a rather mean piece about him which included...

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High Court rules: Gove broke the law

Michael Gove broke the law by giving a contract to a communications agency run by long time associates of him and Dominic Cummings, the High Court has decided. The Court found that the decision to award...

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Pork Barrel Politics – we have filed our claim

The evidence Government is using public money to meet its own ends is hard to ignore. The latest on the Towns Fund makes for depressing reading, with 22 of 26 places that received funds in the...

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Government’s deceitful and bullying attempt to target a critic

Over the weekend the Mail on Sunday reported, quite explicitly, that our founder, Jo Maugham, is being “targeted by Ministers”. What is suggested is that Good Law Project is somehow “abusing” crowdfunding. But no evidence...

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We will always act as our consciences require

Very early on in Good Law Project’s life we wrestled with what it meant for it to take a stand on ‘controversial’ issues. Might it weaken the financial strength of the organisation? Impede its ability...

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Patel, Mirza and the Middlemen

Government’s position has consistently been that Ministers had no role in PPE procurement decisions. That, as we show below, is just not true. Good Law Project has evidence that Ministers – Cabinet Ministers – and...

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We’re hiring: Legal Practice Manager

The deadline to apply for this position has now closed. We are currently reviewing applications and will be in touch with successful candidates regarding the next stage. We received a large number of applications for...

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Recent attacks by Government

What expectations should you have of a campaigner who tells you he believes there is corruption at the heart of Government?  What should the campaigner do if he hears from an insider that a formal response...

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The hearing is over

Our High Court hearing is now over. Over the course of five days we’ve heard how companies with political connections jumped the queue to win lucrative PPE deals and that hundreds of millions of pounds...

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High Court: Day 4

Today in the High Court, Government’s lawyers set out their defence to our legal challenge over PPE contracts handed to “VIP” companies. Government claims that companies in the VIP Lane did not materially benefit from...

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This week in Court

My name is Gemma and I’m the Legal Director of Good Law Project. This week, I’ve been in Court for the legal challenge we are bringing with EveryDoctor over the PPE procurement scandal. We wanted to...

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Day 2 – High Court update

Today the High Court heard our lawyers detail waste, mismanagement – and yet more special treatment for politically connected companies placed in the “VIP” Lane.  Government paid tens of millions of pounds to PestFix and Ayanda...

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First day in Court

Today was the first day of our High Court legal challenge over Government’s award of PPE contracts. Here are three of the most shocking revelations from Court. 1) Government prioritised companies because of who they knew...

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We’re taking action over abortion clinic harassment

Women and staff at the Marie Stopes Clinic in Camden have suffered harassment and intimidation from anti-abortion activists for years. Since 2019, Marie Stopes and a group that campaigns for safe zones, Sister Supporter have been...

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Former Tory Party Chair used advisory role to fix Government contracts for his clients

It never stops. Good Law Project has uncovered remarkable evidence that a Tory Minister brought a former Chair of the Tory Party, a man who now runs a lobbying firm, into the heart of Government to...

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The return of the Policing Bill

The Government’s legislative agenda for the next year – set out in yesterday’s Queen’s Speech – contains a series of deeply troubling measures, from plans to introduce Voter ID to a piece of legislation to...

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Defamation law for activists: a guide to speaking truth to power

Good Law Project is hosting a defamation advice session for activists, organisations and campaigners. We will provide tips about how you can best protect yourself from publishing something (be that an article or social media...

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Government must come clean over lack of PPE for frontline workers

We have renewed our application for a judicial review against Government’s refusal to hold an urgent public inquiry into the hundreds of frontline NHS staff who lost their lives to Covid-19 with Doctors’‌ ‌Association‌ ‌UK‌...

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Misleading Parliament

On 22 February, in the aftermath of the High Court finding that Matt Hancock had broken the law by failing to publish PPE contracts, Boris Johnson told Parliament this: “the contracts are there on the record...

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EXCLUSIVE: 4 more VIP-lane companies revealed

Good Law Project is today able to reveal the names of four more companies awarded contracts through the VIP lane: Clandeboye Agencies, P14 Medical, Luxe Lifestyle and Meller Designs. P14 Medical, run by a Tory councillor...

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We’re recruiting: Board Members

The deadline to apply for these positions has now closed. We are currently reviewing applications and will be in touch with successful candidates regarding the next stage. We received a large number of applications for...

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Feathering the Party nest with public money

This month brought us the alarming sight of Boris Johnson hijacking a taxpayer-funded Downing Street press conference – intended to provide the public with a vital COVID-19 update – to attack one of his political...

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Explosive emails show how the Government’s VIP lane caused chaos in PPE procurement

Explosive emails revealed in a hearing on our legal challenge over direct awards of PPE contracts show civil servants raising the alarm that they were “drowning in VIP requests” from political connections that do not...

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How to stop Heathrow

In just months, a Government policy that pre-dates the Net Zero commitments in the Climate Change Act could form the basis for a decision to expand Manston Airport in Kent. Government has refused to say...

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Revealed: £102.6 million to ex-No10 advisor

We already knew that Boris Johnson had misled Parliament when he insisted in February that all COVID contracts were “on the record”. Now we’ve uncovered a new contract that makes further nonsense of that claim. In...

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Government struck down by the Court

We are pleased to say that the Court has granted a Cost Capping Order in our judicial review of Government’s decision to hand a contract to Cummings’ pals at Hanbury without any competition. We will...

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Lobbying scandal

The Greensill scandal has once again exposed cronyism right at the heart of Government. The more we learn, the more shocking the revelations become.  The former Prime Minister David Cameron used cosy back channels to lobby...

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