Cherry Case

Working with a cross party group of 75 MPs and Lords, led by Joanna Cherry QC MP, we challenged the unlawful suspension of Parliament, so that our elected MPs could do their job holding the Government to account.

Our claim was successful in Scotland’s Inner Court of Session, and the Government’s appeal (heard alongside Gina Miller’s team’s appeal of their defeat in the English courts) was roundly dismissed in an historic, unanimous decision by the UK Supreme Court.

The decision will have far reaching positive consequences for our democracy for decades to come. Parliament remains the supreme power in the United Kingdom and cannot be set aside by a rogue Prime Minister.

Previous Updates

Stopping Boris Johnson Suspending Parliament

Stopping Boris Johnson Suspending Parliament
You can read here a copy of our ‘adjusted’ claim against the Government to prevent it cancelling Parliament.
Readers will note from paragraph 37 that we contend that: “as a matter of constitutional law,…

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An important update – we have permission to proceed

We can confirm that our action to prevent Boris Johnson cancelling Parliament has received (without an oral hearing) permission to proceed. 
A copy of the Petition, in which our director Jolyon Maugham QC, along with Jo…

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Roll of honour: our legal action to stop the suspension of Parliament

You will have seen how the Good Law Project, alongside a cross-party group of politicians, has launched legal action to prevent Prime Minister Boris Johnson from suspending Parliament. He has threatened to suspend Parliament to…

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PRESS RELEASE: Good Law Project launches legal challenge to stop the suspension of Parliament

Parliament is not an inconvenience to be bypassed. That’s what a cross party group of MPs and Peers has today said to the Government’s legal representative in Scotland, informing him that in seven days they…

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