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Clamping down on political deepfakes

AI-generated clips of political figures saying things they never said are a threat to democracy. But there are already laws that the Crown Prosecution Service could use against political deepfakes.

Case overview

Advanced AI technology can now create convincing images, audio clips and videos of people in places they’ve never been, doing things they never did and saying things they never said. Deepfakes of political figures could be misused to spread false information, shift public opinion and influence elections.

Last year’s elections in Slovakia saw a tide of deepfakes unleashed across social media, and both Rishi Sunak and Keir Starmer have already been attacked with deepfake content. But the police are taking no action and the Electoral Commission has issued a warning that it has no powers to tackle this scourge. This means that fake, AI-generated videos, photos or audio clips could warp the UK’s democratic debate and the outcome of our elections.

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