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Investigate all the Downing Street parties

We’ve launched a second round of legal proceedings against the Met Police and its handling of Partygate. Former Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, was fined for attending one lockdown gathering, but the Met failed to properly look into his attendance at three others.

In November 2021, a string of revelations started spilling out into the press about these unlawful Christmas parties.

Good Law Project threatened to sue the Metropolitan Police over its refusal to investigate. 

With pressure mounting, the Met finally u-turned, but its eventual Partygate probe was fundamentally flawed.The Met Police have failed to explain why Boris Johnson was reportedly not sent questionnaires regarding three other gatherings (in November and December 2020 and January 2021), nor issued with fixed penalty notices for attending them, when a number of civil servants and officials who did received both.

The Met seem to be operating a two-tier system, with one rule for those in power and one rule for everyone else. We think that sets a dangerous precedent, with serious implications for public trust.

This is why we are taking legal action alongside former Met Deputy Commissioner, Lord Paddick.

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