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Met Police: Investigate the Downing Street Christmas Party

In 2020, as the country went into a strict Covid-19 lockdown, No 10 staff were reportedly having Christmas parties. And videos have emerged of those closest to Boris Johnson, including his then press secretary, laughing as they practised how to lie to us about it.

So before Christmas, we wrote to the Met asking them to explain or reverse their refusal to investigate these alleged unlawful parties. Since then, yet another Downing Street Party has come to light.

We’ve now received the Met’s response. They say that they concluded that further investigatory work would be required before they could decide whether to bring charges, but rather than attempting to do this, they just closed the case.

Their attempts to justify that decision really don’t make sense. First, they say they relied on the Government’s assurances that no rules had been broken. Then, they say there would have been no point in interviewing No 10 staff about the parties because they would have refused to answer questions that exposed them to a risk of prosecution.

The Met seem to be operating a two-tier system, with one rule for those in power and one rule for everyone else. We think that sets a dangerous precedent, with serious implications for public trust.

We’re issuing formal legal proceedings to force the Met to revisit their decision.

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