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Case Update

The Met can’t keep turning a blind eye

13th January 2022

Reports differ about the stance of the Metropolitan Police towards the notorious ‘Bring Your Own Booze Party’ held on the 20 May. There are reports the Met has already decided not to investigate whether a criminal act was committed by attendees.

We have today written to the Met to inform them that, unless they agree to open an investigation, we expect to judicial review that failure, alongside the failure to investigate the 18 December party.

It is intolerable, and we should not tolerate, the operation of separate criminal justice systems, a soft one for those with power and influence and a harsher one for those without.

The statue of justice shows her blind to social status – not winking at those in power.

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You can read our letter to the Met Police here.


This article is part of our Met Police: Investigate the Downing Street Christmas Party case

In 2020, as the country went into a strict Covid-19 lockdown, No 10 staff were reportedly having Christmas parties. And videos have emerged of those closest to Boris Johnson, including his then press secretary, laughing as they practised how to lie to us about it.

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