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Case Update

PPE supplied by a sweet wholesaler?

2nd July 2020

The Government has awarded an £108 million contract for the supply of PPE to a wholesaler of sweets. The enormous contract was awarded to the confectionery business seemingly without any advertising or competitive tendering process. There is no evidence that the company, Clandeboye Agencies Limited, has any experience in supplying PPE.

Sound familiar? It should. Just two weeks ago Good Law Project, along with the campaign group EveryDoctor, announced our intention to sue the Government over the award of an enormous PPE contract to a pest control company. Again, there was no advertising or competitive tender process. Again, the business had no experience in supplying PPE. Again, the contract awarded was initially reported as being worth £108 million.

The more we scratch the surface about the PPE contracts awarded by Government, the more serious questions that arise. Enormous amounts of public money have been dished out, seemingly without any advertising or competitive tendering process. To protect public funds and to try and prevent further PPE procurement failures, we intend to get answers. 

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This article is part of our Scrutinising PPE Procurement case

The hearing is now over. We are now waiting for the judgment.

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