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Scrutinising PPE Procurement

This legal campaign helped draw wide attention to the institutionalisation of cronyism in the VIP lane.
The Court found that the VIP lane, through which Ayanda and Pestfix, won their contracts, was illegal.

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Case overview

Only with good procurement practice, can we safeguard the lives of the public and healthcare workers.

And yet, we already know of three vast – and inexplicable – procurement contracts for PPE. £108m went to a tiny pest control company with net assets of £18,000, Pestfix. Another £108m went to a modestly sized confectioner in Northern Ireland, Clandeboye Agencies. And another contract, worth £252m, was awarded to Ayanda, an opaque private fund owned through a tax haven. There is no evidence that either of these companies had previously had any experience in supplying PPE.