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Case update 25 May 2021

The hearing is over

Our High Court hearing is now over. Over the course of five days we’ve heard how companies with political connections jumped the queue to win lucrative PPE deals and that hundreds of millions of pounds of public money was wasted on PPE that couldn’t be used by the NHS.

What’s more, we have exposed what the leading QC acting for Good Law Project and EveryDoctor described as:

“a relentless campaign by the Defendant to obscure what really happened on significant issues.” 

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Now, all that is left to do is wait for the judgment. We have no way of knowing when that might be handed down by the Judge – it could be weeks, or even months. We just have to sit tight.

One thing we are certain of is that, as soon as we can, we will update you on the result. Your friends and family can sign up to receive news of the judgment too. You can encourage them to sign up for updates here.

Bringing a case of this magnitude has only been possible thanks to the support of thousands of people across the country, including you. Regardless of the final judgment, together we have shone a light on Government practices that they would rather have kept hidden.

Thank you for helping to make it happen.