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Case update 26 June 2017

Copies of our Filings

So that you can see what has been going on with the Uber case we have filed here (1) a copy of our letter to Uber’s solicitors (2) a copy of our pleadings (3) a copy of the ‘Response pack’ (4) our application for costs protection (5) our Director, Jo Maugham’s witness statement supporting that application and (6) the exhibit to that witness statement.

Perhaps the most useful document to read is the witness statement. But the key point to note is that – as our Director indicated in a piece in The Badge – before we ask the Court to set a window for a hearing of our claim, we have to address the possibility of a costs liability which might top £1m even before any appeals. We hope that the judge will see the public interest in our claim but if she or he does not we may look for an alternative claimant who doesn’t have any material assets. Do let us know at if you are, or know, of such a person.