Uber Case

We believe Uber has broken the law by failing to charge VAT on the taxi services it offers. The sums involved are enormous – perhaps a quarter of a billion pounds a year of VAT alone. And we don’t have confidence the tax man will collect that tax itself. So we have gone after Uber, and HMRC, ourselves.

We have issued proceedings in the High Court, supported by your pledges to the Uber Case crowdfund, and the case continues to develop.

See below for the latest and previous updates to the case.

Previous Updates

Good Law Project forces HMRC to collect £1.5bn in VAT from Uber

Way back in April 2017, we announced we were going to take on HMRC’s failure to assess Uber to VAT which corroded public trust, not only in HMRC, but in politics more generally. 
And it’s been…

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Uber’s £1bn+ VAT Bill

Good Law Project Limited v Uber: A Briefing
This is a briefing note for journalists in advance of the decision of Mrs Justice Lieven in R (oao Good Law Project) v HMRC (Interested Party: Uber London Limited) (the…

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HMRC’s position

Back in November of last year, following this blog and this story in the FT, the Public Accounts Committee asked a number of questions of the senior HMRC brass: Jon Thompson, HMRC’s CEO. And Jim…

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Key Hurdle Crossed

From Good Law Project Founder, Jolyon Maugham QC:
The contention that underlies my case against Uber – that it is it and not its drivers who are supplying transportation services – received a significant boost on Friday with…

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Copies of our Filings

So that you can see what has been going on with the Uber case we have filed here (1) a copy of our letter to Uber’s solicitors (2) a copy of our pleadings (3) a…

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Go after Uber? If HMRC won’t, we will

Support us by pledging to the Uber Case crowdfund.
Funny transactions to dodge tax on bonuses were all the fashion back then. Goldman Sachs wanted to hand out bonuses but was less keen to hand over…

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