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Case update 04 October 2021

REVEALED: Profits jumped 500% at Uniserve after firm landed ‘VIP’ contracts

In June, Good Law Project revealed that Uniserve, a logistics firm controlled by Iain Liddell, landed a staggering £300m+ in Government PPE contracts after being channelled down the VIP’ lane. They also landed an eye-watering £572m deal to provide freight services for the supply of PPE. 

Despite having no track record of supplying PPE  the lucrative deals were awarded to Uniserve without any competition. The company does however share the same address as Cabinet Office Minister Julia Lopez MP and is based in her constituency. Here they are together.

We can now reveal that Uniserve’s profits have surged since the awarding of these contracts. Latest accounts published on Companies House (up to June 2020) detail how Uniserve’s profit increased by £32m last year – an increase of over 500%.

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Uniserve continue to reap the benefits of the Government’s bungled PPE procurement process. Transparency data published by the Department for Health reveals that from May 2021 to July 2021 the firm has been paid an extraordinary £104m in ‘storage costs’ to house the surplus of PPE.  

Uniserve aren’t the only ‘VIPs’ awarded contracts without proper process to have seen their fortunes improve dramatically during the pandemic. 

Last week it was revealed that Ayanda Capital’s profit increased by 2,600%, even though it supplied facemasks the NHS couldn’t use, and Meller Designs, owned by Tory Donor David Meller netted £13m in profits – a 9,000% jump. 

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