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  • Case Update

    Lord Bethell’s new phone

  • News 28 June 2021

    NEW: leaked emails reveal Health Minister Lord Bethell did use personal email address for Government business

  • Case Update

    NEW: The ever growing mystery of Lord Bethell’s ‘missing’ phone

  • Case Update

    Lord Bethell and Matt Hancock to hand over private messages

  • Case Update

    REVEALED: Health Minister Lord Bethell failed to declare meeting with firm that subsequently won £85m Covid contract

  • Case Update

    Next week in Court

  • Case Update

    Bunzl: We’re going to Court

  • News 12 May 2021

    Former Tory Party Chair used advisory role to fix Government contracts for his clients

  • Case Update

    BREAKING: Government admits at least 4 Ministers used private emails for Government business

  • News 10 March 2021

    Ministers continue to mislead Parliament over Covid contracts

  • Case Update

    Boris Johnson and three Ministers breached national security guidance over private messages

    Boris Johnson and at least three of his Ministers, Matt Hancock, Lord Bethell and Greg Hands, have repeatedly breached their own national security guidance by using private emails and phones for Government business. 

  • News 01 July 2021

    The lies that pass for transparency data

  • Case


    We’re taking legal action against the awarding of a £22.6m PPE contract to Bunzl Healthcare, a client of a close associate of the Conservative health minister Lord Bethell. The contract was awarded with no competition.

  • News 16 March 2023

    REVEALED: Tory donor’s firm lobbied health minister two weeks before landing controversial hotel quarantine contract

  • Case Update

    REVEALED: Cabinet office Ministers continue to mislead the public over PPE procurement

  • Case Update

    Another extraordinary revelation in our Abingdon case