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Challenging the ban on puberty blockers

The Tories have used emergency powers to ban new prescriptions of puberty blockers, risking trans lives. We’re undertaking an urgent legal challenge to try to stop the ban.

Content warning: suicide


Case overview

Just before parliament was dissolved on 30 May, the health secretary Victoria Atkins introduced an immediate ban on trans young people obtaining in the UK puberty blockers prescribed by regulated prescribers in France, Germany, Switzerland and throughout Europe.

The consequences are profound.

A medicine that young trans people have used for decades, that is lawfully prescribed throughout Europe, that is recommended by decades-old international treatment protocols, that cis people can continue to use, and the NHS can continue to prescribe to young trans people if they have already started, will no longer be available. In fact, it will become a criminal offence to supply in the United Kingdom puberty blockers to those caught by the ban, punishable by up to two years in prison.

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