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  • News 16th November 2021 LEAKED: The Conservative politicians who referred companies to the PPE ‘VIP lane’

    lane. Those lucky enough to receive this VIP treatment were more than ten times more likely to win a contract than companies that went without. Government claimed that the VIP

  • Case Update We’re appealing parts of the PPE VIP lane judgment. Here’s why.

    …the operation of the VIP lane was unlawful, but it decided not to grant a declaration that the VIP lane itself was unlawful. This is based on its conclusion that,…

  • News 8th February 2022 Revealed: Ministers have misled Parliament about the size of the VIP lane

    Good Law Project has seen documents showing the Government misled Parliament, the National Audit Office and the High Court about the size of the illegal VIP lane it adopted which…

  • News 22nd April 2021 Explosive emails show how the Government’s VIP lane caused chaos in PPE procurement

    …the VIP Lane – who supplied £155m worth of unusable face masks to the NHS frontline? This email shows Ayanda threatening to escalate their bid to ministerial level and another…

  • News 30th June 2021 NEW: Documents reveal VIP lane for testing contracts

    Good Law Project can reveal the existence of a VIP lane for Test and Trace spend – and that ‘VIP stakeholder engagement’ was run from a private gmail address. We…

  • Case Update BREAKING: Government misled public over existence of VIP lane for testing contracts

    When we last shared evidence of a VIP lane for testing contracts, Government told the world our claims were ‘completely false’. Today we can reveal astonishing new emails between civil…

  • News 18th October 2021 Breaking: Government ordered to reveal the names of companies in the PPE VIP lane

    Good Law Project has successfully forced the Government to reveal the names of the 47 companies in the PPE VIP lane. The Information Commissioner has ordered the Department of Health…

  • News 14th February 2022 NEW: Leaked emails reveal Government officials manipulated VIP lane data after NAO investigation

    VIP spreadsheet shows that the names of 21 VIP companies were not given to the NAO, 18 of which were only revealed by us last week. Those 18 VIPs were…

  • News 18th January 2024 £336m likely to be lost after VIP lane companies shut up shop

    Firms that bagged massive contracts have now stopped trading, meaning that hundreds of millions of pounds spent on unusable PPE is likely to be unrecoverable.

    by Max Colbert

  • News 27th February 2023 MP’s daughter threatened to sue for ‘VIP lane’ commission

    Victoria Aitken claimed “I had it fast-tracked” and demanded commission on “all the contracts that came via [her] connections”. But the Government’s published record of the VIP lane doesn’t mention Victoria Aitken at all.

  • News 11th December 2023 VIP lane contracts inflated by £925m

    Good Law Project can reveal that fast-track contracts handed out to Tory connections were 80% more expensive than other suppliers.

  • Page The companies who benefitted from the ‘VIP Lane’ for PPE contracts

      Supplier Source of Referral Aiya Technology GCD Covid 19 Enquiries mailbox, Cabinet Office Aventis Solutions Ltd NHSE E&I Ayanda Capital Ltd NHS Shared Business Services Blueleaf Ltd Redacted Brandology…

  • News 2nd February 2024 Michael Gove opened the door to biggest VIP lane firm

    Fervent prayers for ‘the Conservative Party’ and a promise to ‘follow up!’ How Michael Gove’s emails greased the wheels of Unispace’s £679m PPE deals.

    with Russell Scott

  • Case Update BREAKING: High Court finds Government PPE ‘VIP’ lane for politically connected suppliers ‘unlawful’

    …agreed the VIP lane conferred preferential treatment on bids: it sped up the process, which meant offers were considered sooner in a process where timing was critical, and VIPs’ hands…

  • Case Update EXCLUSIVE: Six more VIP-lane companies revealed

    Good Law Project is now able to reveal the names of six more companies awarded PPE contracts through the controversial’ VIP’ fast-track lane for associates of ministers and advisers. These…

  • Case Update High Court: Day 4

    Today in the High Court, Government’s lawyers set out their defence to our legal challenge over PPE contracts handed to “VIP” companies. Government claims that companies in the VIP Lane