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  • She said #MeToo. Now she’s being sued.

    In 2010, Nina Cresswell was sexually assaulted. She reported the matter to the police, but no action was taken. And now the man she accused is suing her for libel. We’re supporting her in court.

    She said #MeToo. Now she’s being sued.
  • Protect Net Zero from shoddy procurement practices

    We can’t let the drive for Net Zero become another place for secretive closed-door procurement practices. We challenged an enormous contract awarded to a suspiciously small company. After our legal action, the contract was dropped.

    Protect Net Zero from shoddy procurement practices
  • Stop fossil fuel drilling in the Surrey Hills

    Good Law Project is supporting legal action by a local community group to protect an important green space on the edge of Surrey Hills. They want to prevent an exploratory drilling project, greenlit by Michael Gove, that could open the door to fracking and other fossil fuel activity.

    Stop fossil fuel drilling in the Surrey Hills
  • Rooting out racism in schools

    Schools should be places in which every child feels safe and respected. But for too many children from Black and minoritised communities, that is simply not the case.

    Rooting out racism in schools
  • New Chair of Charity Commission

    We issued a judicial review after the then Culture Secretary announced he would take his “war on woke” to the appointment of the new chair of the Charity Commission. When the new chair was appointed, we revealed information about his history that led to his withdrawal from the position.

    New Chair of Charity Commission
  • Investigate all the Downing Street parties

    We’ve launched a second round of legal proceedings against the Met Police and its handling of Partygate. Former Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, was fined for attending one lockdown gathering, but the Met failed to properly look into his attendance at three others.

    Investigate all the Downing Street parties
  • Tell No 10 to stop the threats

    “There’s been threats made to a few people that they won’t get funding for projects if they don’t side with the government… to try and hold back an entire area or prevent regeneration just to get you to vote for something you clearly don’t like, it’s not something I’m particularly comfortable with.”

    Tell No 10 to stop the threats
  • False negatives cost lives

    The Covid testing lab Immensa, based in the West Midlands, told tens of thousands of people that they had tested negative for Covid – when they had in fact tested positive. This led to dozens of deaths. We challenged the awarding of the contract and failure by the Government to ensure the lab met basic standards.

    False negatives cost lives
  • Keep children safe

    During the Covid-19 pandemic, the Government recklessly announced that all children should return to school, even if they had previously been classed as clinically extremely vulnerable. We successfully put pressure on the Education Secretary to guarantee support for vulnerable children and families.

    Keep children safe
  • Bunzl

    We’re taking legal action against the awarding of a £22.6m PPE contract to Bunzl Healthcare, a client of a close associate of the Conservative health minister Lord Bethell. The contract was awarded with no competition.

  • Children in care

    Time and again local authorities are placing children in care in the cheapest accommodation, rather than the accommodation that best meets their needs. For more than 30,000 children last year, this meant being torn away from their schools, loved ones and support networks – placed miles outside of their local area, often with no warning.

    Children in care
  • Feathering the Party nest with public money

    Boris Johnson hijacked a Downing Street press conference – paid for by the British taxpayer and intended to provide the public with a vital COVID-19 update – to attack one of his political opponents.

    Feathering the Party nest with public money
  • £100m+ Contract for Ex-Number 10 Adviser

    A firm linked to Samir Jassal, a two-time Conservative Party parliamentary candidate and former councillor, was awarded a £102.6 million Government PPE contract without any competition in July last year. It was only after our lawyers wrote to Government in March this year to ask about Pharmaceuticals Direct that this contract was disclosed, long after Boris Johnson had insisted all contract details were on record.

    £100m+ Contract for Ex-Number 10 Adviser
  • Pork barrel politics

    In every corner of public life, the Tories are or look to be bending the resources of the state to their own private advantage.

    Pork barrel politics
  • Operation Moonshot

    Leaked documents revealed that ‘Operation Moonshot’, the Government’s plan to increase its Coronavirus testing programme, was based on technology that didn’t even exist yet – and would cost over £100 billion. But, in March 2021, the courts refused permission for a judicial review.

    Operation Moonshot
  • Relegating Parliament

    In 1539, Henry VIII gained the right to legislate by decree, enabling him to bypass Parliament altogether. And now Boris Johnson, the man who has already tried and failed to suspend Parliament, is taking further cues on democracy from a Tudor King.

    Relegating Parliament